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International Calling FAQ is a simple, reliable way to use your phone or Internet connection to make affordable international and domestic calls. If you have a question or technical issue not described below, please contact our customer service representatives by phone or email.
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FAQ: About Our Service

How does work?

Call any phone using your personal mobile, smartphone, home or business line, or Internet-connected PC or Mac for as little as half a penny per minute. Plus, itís easy to do. Just dial one of our local or 800 access numbers to make calls from a landline or mobile phone. Plus utilize our softphones, which uses an Internet connection (including Wi-Fi, wired connections, 3G, or 4G) to make phone calls to anywhere in the world.
Smart Phone

Can I start calling right away?

Yes! As soon as you sign up and are approved, you can start our free trial. Youíll get a $2 credit in your account right away to start testing our service. Add money to your account to make additional calls when your trial funds are depleted. We offer these trial funds to let you try our service risk free.

Do I have to sign a contract or pay a fee?

Good news: there are never any contracts or hidden fees. You simply pay per minute as you go and for any additional features you select. We display your call details and charges on your accounts page so you know exactly what you were charged for each call. No surprise charges.

Will I get a bill in the mail?

No. is a pre-paid service. Simply add money to your account with a few clicks. If you use a credit card to load your account, youíll receive a bill from your credit card company, but never from

The country I want to call has more than one rate listed. What does that mean?

Youíll see more than one rate for a country if that country has more than one landline or cellular carrier in a particular city or area. The person you call may have a specific rate for their individual phone carrier.

What are the rates?

Visit our rates page to see current rates for each country.

Are the rates higher if I call a cell phone?

Sometimes. Find the city or country youíre calling on the rates page to see the different rate structures for that area.

The location Iím calling has a ďmobileĒ rate listed on the rates page. What does that mean?

There are often companies that provide service in more than one area. The rates for your call are set by the individual carrier for that phone line.

I donít see the city Iím calling listed on the rates page? What is my rate?

If a city is not listed separately, youíll be charged the basic country rate.

Do the rates ever change?

Yes, but very infrequently. The rate for an individual country might change slightly once or twice a year.

Are there any additional charges?

The only other service that will cost an additional amount is our virtual phone number service. There is a small set-up fee plus an additional monthly fee starting at $1 per month for each line. There are no additional fees.

Does the money in my account have an expiration date?

Itís your money so the balance in your account credit never expires.

How do I add funds to my account?

Log in to your account and click one of the quick recharge options in your account dashboard.

Is there an app for my smartphone?

Yes, weíre glad you asked! Youíll need a dialer that supports the G.711 and/or G.729 codecs. Please see our download page for instructions on obtaining and configuring these dialers. We offer approved dialers for PC Windows, Mac, iPhone IOS, Android, and Blackberry for Wi-Fi and Internet calling. You can also use another dialer if youíd like, but note that we canít provide support for non-approved smartphone dialers/clients.

Can I use for my business?

Yes. works at home, on your mobile, and at the office.

FAQ: How to Make Calls

Can I use any phone to make calls?

Yes. Use your mobile, home, or work phone to dial one of our local access numbers or our 800 number. For a list of local access numbers, please log in to our site. Or, install our softphone on your PC or Mac or use a mobile app available for iOS, Android, or Blackberry to make a call online.

How do I make a call from my cell phone?

If youíre using an approved dialer from, just dial the destination number from the dialer. If you donít have a smartphone or approved dialer, call your local access number, enter your account number, and then enter the phone number of the person youíre calling. Note: If youíre using an approved dialer and youíre connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi, you will not incur data charges from your cell phone carrier.

How do I make a call from my landline?

Easy as 1-2-3. 1.) Dial your local access number. 2.) Enter your account number. 3.) Enter the number of the person youíre calling. Log in to your account to find your local access number.

My call wonít connect. What should I do?

Visit our contact page for technical concerns, comments, or suggestions. Feel free to call or email us and weíll do our best to address your problem.

Can I make multiple calls without hanging up the phone?

This feature is not supported at this time.

Do I need the local access number?

You only need the local access number if you dial from a landline or mobile phone thatís not connected to the Internet or running an approved dialer. For a list of your local access numbers, log in to your account.

Can I use to make calls when Iím outside the U.S.?

Yes, if your smartphone is compatible with the local countryís network. If itís not, fear not! You can always make calls via a Wi-Fi connection or an international local access number. We recommend using a Wi-Fi connection to avoid incurring roaming charges from your wireless carrier, which could occur if you use 3G/4G for calls (either using the smartphone app or from a local access number).

The number Iím calling is a cell phone. Will the person I call be charged? will not charge the person you call.

What is an international local access number?

The local access number is the number you dial from a particular country or city to access our service. Find a local access number at the bottom of your account page after signing in.

FAQ: Customer Service

How do I get my account number or activation code?

If you didnít receive your activation code after you registered, we can resend the number using the log-in page. You can find your account number at the top of your account page after logging in.

Can I change my account number? I have a new phone number and would like to use it as my account number.

Because your account is linked to a user name and not phone number, you only need to change your contact number in case we need to reach you. If you have call forwarding and would like to change the phone number calls are forwarded to, visit the personal number manage features page.

I still need help! How do I contact customer service?

For concerns regarding billing, comments, or suggestions use our 24/7 support email listed on our contact page. In the U.S. and Canada, call our support line from 9 am to 6 pm (EST) at 866-371-8584.
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