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How to Phone Abroad Calling International -

Calling From Your Home, Mobile or Business Phone:

  1. For Your Convenience, Register Pinless Dialing for the phone #'s you call From, & Speed dial #'s for phone #'s you call To.
  2. Dial Access Number from Mobile, Home or Business phone.
    Main # (903) 212-6920 Toll Free: 1-800-803-0841 (Or choose a Local or Global Access Number.)
  3. Enter Your Destination Number. ( Or first enter your Account Number if calling from unregistered phone # and our systems asks for it )
    For International Calls: Enter 011 Country Code Number.
    For USA & Canada Calls: Enter 1 Area Code Number.

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Calling From Your PC, Mac, Smartphone, & Internet:

  1. Download our softphone for your computer or smartphone. ( pc, iPhone, iPad, mac, android, blackberry )
  2. Enter your Username & Password in the softphone settings, then you can start calling from your softphone.
  3. Enter Destination Number you wish to call.
    For International Calls: Enter 011 Country Code Number.
    For USA & Canada Calls: Enter 1 Area Code Number.

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Your own Personal Number & Forwarding:

You can have your own virtual or personal phone number in over 30 countries and point this phone # to ring to your mobile #, home #, office #, or softphone. Make it easy for friends and family to call you for the cost of a local call.
  1. Select Country & City you wish to have a Personal Phone Number from.
  2. Choose where you want the personal # to Ring to: Enter your mobile, home, office number, or choose your softphone.
Example 1: If you had family in Italy they can call your personal Italy - Rome local number you set up and it's forwarded to your home, mobile, or office # in the City / Country you live. Receive calls from anyone, anywhere, using any device. It's never been easier for friends and family to call you.
Example 2: If you live in New York, you can order a New York local number for $1.00 per month, and forward that number to your Mom's smartphone in Manila, Philippines to whom you provided user access to your account to download a free softphone. So you would get unlimited calls to your Mom's smartphone in the Philippines for $1.00 a month. That's amazingly cheap!

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